We're working on our recipes now, including some beer ideas below. We will also brew a variety of limited and seasonal beers. We like to explore and have fun with different styles and flavor profiles. We find inspiration in ingredients, food and places, in images and words - but most importantly, we like really good beer.

ipa | 6.66% abv | 68 ibu
Bitter and hoppy. Filled with Chinook and Columbus hops.

stout | 11% | 80 ibu
Beneath the maltiness you will find notes of fig, sherry, and molasses. Its velvety body creates the perfect vessel for the rich dark chocolate complexity.

moby | 8.6% abv | 84 ibu
This double IPA is extra big and extra bitter and still goes down smooth as a white whale.

szech | 4.8% abv | 14 ibu
This is a floral and spicy “double sess” filled with ginger and Szechuan peppercorns. It’s a wit without being cloying. For all you hefe-haters who want a great summer beer.

rauch | 3.4% abv | 38 ibu
This is a smoked session beer that comes in light but packs serious smoky, roastiness. Have it at your next bbq.



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