Our goal is to make great beer following our passion for deep flavors and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. We focus on pushing American styles and brewing flavorful, fun beers. We like it hoppy and complex to roasty and smoky, strong and sippable to session and gulpable. Most importantly we like it happy and delicious. Something to enjoy with friends, in the backyard, at the beach and at the bar. We make beer because we like to drink and we like to smile.


We are avid home brewers perfecting our craft over the past 6 years and are now on the way to opening our brewery. We like to experiment and meticulously refine what creates an awesome beer, full of flavor, intriguing and delicious. We bring together our creative backgrounds and dedication to the craft of brewing to make beer that is exceptional, refined and delicious. We make beer we like to drink and like trying new things that are sometimes unexpected. It comes down to having something to enjoy with friends, that gets the conversation going and laughter flowing. Currently, we're perfecting our recipes and homebrewing up a storm. We anticipate launching the brewery in late 2013. In the mean time check out the following events and we hope to bump into you soon: Get Real NY events, Knights of Bruklyn events, at Union Hall, Josh Bernstein's Homebrew tours and tap into the NY City Homebrewers Guild for local beer education. Feel free to contact us and make sure to sign up for our mailing list to get updates on our progress. Check out our COMMUNITY SUPPORTED BEER program to get exclusive limited release beer and monthly growler fills once we get the brewery up and running.


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